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Côte Rouge Reserve        Red wine

Resulting from the blending of  Frontenac noir and Marquette, this wine has been aged in oak barrels for 11 months. This wine reflects black fruits aromas such as blackcurrant, blackberry. In mouth the fruit is balanced with spicy and peppery notes. The finish is rich, and silky, ending with black coffee notes.

Côte Rouge.png
Côte Rouge
  Red wine

This red wine reveals aromas of small fruits such as strawberry or raspberry. It is a light wine resulting from the blend  of Frontenac n

noir and Marquette vines.

Côte Rosée.png
Côte Rosée
Rosé wine

Four different vines were blended to offer this wine: Frontenac blanc, gris and noir as well as Prairie-star. You will find the freshness of strawberries through the tasting of this wine as well as citrus aromas and hint of peaches.


Côte Blanche.png
Côte Grise
White wine

Made of Frontenac gris, the wine has   
intense and complex aromas of tropical 
fruit and roasted almonds. Very supple wine with buttery, spicy and fruity notes on the palate.

Côte Blanche
 White wine

Resulting from the blend of Frontenac blanc, Frontenac gris and Prairie-star., you will discover aromas of white flowers and citrus along with flavour of pears.

Côte Grise.png
Point Final
Fortified red wine

This fortified wine has been elaborated 
with Frontenac and Sabrevois from the 
2014 harvest. Lengthy aged in barrels of 
oak, it gives off flavor of candied fruit 
and taste of chocolate.

Les Bulles de la Côte
White sparkling wine

Made using the traditional method, it combines finesse and richness in both aromas and in the mouth. The bubbles are fine and persistent in the glass. A pleasant sparkling wine made from Frontenac gris and Prairie-Star.

Les Bulles HR.png
Côte Dorée.jpg
Côte Dorée
Sweet white wine

This sweet wine was elaborated with Frontenac Gris. Beautiful freshness on the palate, it releases aromas of honey, dried fig and apricot

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