Visual Art
From August 6 to September 11
, you could meet during the week-ends fourty
different artists
in connection with the exhibition of their artwork. They created on
site and they were happy to share their passion with you and exchange
comments on art.

Since June 18, thirty three sculptors
from the Quebec Sculpture Council exhibit
their artwork at the vineyard. A total of more than 80 sculptures contribute to the
beauty of the vineyard until the end of October.

Take advantage of the exhibit of visual art and sculptures which represents a
unique event in culture and beauty and for which the access  is
Go to Art at the vineyard on  Facebook.

Persons in charge of artists in visual art  (Autour De Nous):

  • Madeleine Turgeon
  • Myriam Gaudry

Persons in charge pf the sculptors  
(Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec):

  • Nicole Deslongchamps
  • Gérard Poirier

See pictures of Art at the Vineyard>>
Côte de Vaudreuil Vineyard
Art at vineyard, 5th edition (2016)